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 Naturally you want to learn the best Dutch Oven recipes. In a one of a kind beginners Cook Book "101 Things to do with a Dutch Oven"  you'll find the best most tasty, easy to make, Dutch Oven recipes and...


  • Tips on Dutch Oven Cooking
  • What to look for when purchasing a Dutch Oven
  • How to season a Dutch Oven
  • Dutch Oven Cleaning & storage  methods
  • Dutch Oven Beef  recipes
  • Dutch Oven Poultry recipes
  • Dutch Oven Pork recipes
  • Dutch Oven Bread Recipes
  • Dutch Oven Dessert recipes

Every Dutch Oven recipe has a temperature on it for easy conversion to a 9 X 13 pan for use in a conventional oven.

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Introducing this Cook Book "101 things To Do With a Dutch Oven" in it you will find valuable Dutch Oven recipes. as well as Dutch Oven recipes for Beef, Dutch Oven recipes for Poultry, Dutch Oven recipes for Pork, Dutch Oven recipes for breads and Dutch Oven recipes for desserts. You will also find Dutch Oven recipes for Soups and Dutch Oven recipes for Stews.

This is important, every recipe comes with the number of coals or briquettes to put on the top and on the bottom thus allowing you to achieve the correct temperature. keep in mind one of the benefits of this Cook Book is that all of the Dutch Oven recipes used in the book have a temperature listed to allow you to easily convert the recipe to a 9x13 pan and use it in your conventional oven. Each recipe gives detailed instructions on how to prepare and assemble the dish.


If you are just beginning to learn the art of Dutch Oven Cooking this cook book was written especially for you. As you practice your Dutch Oven cooking you will begin to notice that you can smell when your dish is done.


In the front of this cook book you will find helpful hints and tips that will help you become a great Dutch Oven cook. Hints about temperature control, tips on what to look for when purchasing  a Dutch Oven, how to season a Dutch Oven, how to properly store a Dutch Oven, how to properly clean a Dutch Oven. Etc.


You will find it's compact size at only 5 1/2 inches by 7 1/4 inches just the right size to put in a back pack or to take camping or hunting.

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